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2009 March 27 - Casper's Hot Dogs and Angelina's

2009 March 27 - Caspers Hot Dogs and Angelina's Spaghetti

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Today I need a ride to Livermore to pick up my 2005 Moto Guzzi Nevada. Miles has agreed to give me a ride and I will buy him a hot dog at Caspers Hot Dogs in Dublin.

Miles grew up in the East Bay so Caspers was a staple food item for him. There are nine Caspers and Dublin is the closest to us. Miles also grew up close to the first Nation's restaurant and still hangs out there when he visits friends in his old neighborhood.

We head over the Altamont Pass and see the windmill farms.

Arriving at Caspers:
Caspers Famous Hot Dogs®, the family-owned, quick serve restaurant company, has been a hot dog lover's favorite since 1934. The award winning Casper Dog with its signature "snap" is a tasty, old-fashioned style hot dog made from a street vendor recipe. Garnished with freshly cut tomatoes and onions as well as mustard and relish, this affordable delicacy is handcrafted on a feather-light, steamed bun.
Caspers Web Site

Ora and I heading for the entrance

All orders are done over the counter

A very limited menu

We order three combos which is an Original Casper Dog with chips and a medium drink ...$4.69

Making a Caspers hot dog

A Casper Dog with the works

The soda cup is an advertisement

After lunch we head over to Livermore for me to pick up my bike.

Miles and Ora head back home since the fellow that was going to buy one of Mile's cars is on the way from Guerneville.

I ride the little bike home over the Old Altamont Pass and some of the farm roads.
~end part 1 of 2

Mom and Cousin Millie want to go to Angelina's Restaurant (Italian) for dinner and Miles and Ora are going to join us.
About four hours later, Miles pulling into the parking lot

This is the entrance

Tonight's Specials

There is also a Deli inside

After ordering three of the six of us are having the Salad Bar. On Fridays it is the sea food Salad Bar which includes imitation crab meat and bay shrimp.

Miles has the bigger salad

My lasagna, I forgot to tell the waitress light on the sauce

My sister, Mille and Ora have the spaghetti with meat sauce

Mom has the 1/2 order of clam sauce

Miles has the hot and spicy sauce with Jalapenos and two meat balls

Here we are leaving after dinner


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