Friday, December 25, 2009

2009 Dec 25 - Christmas Day

2009 Dec 25 - Christmas Day

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Just the three of us at Laura's home. Mom lives with Laura. The television has been on all day because of the NBA basketball games, five of them. One after the other for the whole day.

An early dinner of Honey Baked Ham, candied yams and sweet potatoes and peas with a lemon pie for dessert is what is planned.

First though it is opening the Christmas presents.
Laura has a bunch of mice stuff

Notice the large Christmas tree in the middle of the table

Mom gets a new Winter coat

Trying it on

It has a removable hood

Other presents

What's left of the dinner

Mom getting the food ready to take to the park to feed the birds and cats

Taking off in the golf cart for the half mile trip to the park

Off to the park