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2009 May 2 - Tracy Farmers Market

2009 May 2 - Tracy Farmers Market

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Today is opening day for the 2009 Tracy Farmers Market in downtown Tracy. It is a rainy but moderately warm late morning. Mom, sister, Lulu {the dog} and I head the 20 miles to Tracy. The Lincoln Highway old US Hwy 50 used to run down Eleventh Street right through the heart of Tracy. The Farmers Market is just a block south on Tenth Street.

Actually, the reason for going to the Tracy FM is to get some pastries from Kandi's Pies and Pastries. See the Blog of the Lunch Bunch trip to Kandi's Shop
Mom is wearing her red jacket and purple Crocks

Kandi's strudel and breads

Other pastries

The cookies

The pies and dumplings

That's part of mom's order that Steve (Kandi's husband) has in the bag

A longer shot of the tent

Some gai-lan and other vegetables

Dried fruit
Not a heavy rain but it has been a long, steady drizzle

Mom buying some gai-lan

Note: from Wikipedia

Kai-lan, also known as Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale, is a slightly bitter leaf vegetable featuring thick, flat, glossy blue-green leaves with thick stems and a small number of tiny, almost vestigial flower heads similar to those of broccoli. Its flavor is very similar to that of broccoli, though not identical, being a bit sweeter.

Kai-lan is eaten widely in Chinese cuisine, and especially in Cantonese cuisine. It is also common in Vietnamese cuisine, where it is called cải làn or cải rổ.

The name kai-lan and its American version, gai-lan, come from Cantonese. Although the character 芥 is usually read jiè, the name of the vegetable can be read either gàilán or jièlán in Mandarin.

Apples not really in season the price is too high

Amazing that there is still farming in Brentwood. Most of Brentwood is now subdivisions.

The rain has kept some people home. But it is opening day so it was fairly busy.

Since it is almost Noon we are going to eat in Tracy. Gerard's Deli is just up the street, but the Hof Brau line is only open weekdays from 11 to 2. We don't feel like cold sandwiches. Mom and sis did not want to eat bbq as we went past Shorter's Rib Pit {click for web page} which I have yet to try.

So it was either Perko's for breakfast or over to the Golden Corral for lunch.

Lunch at the Golden Corral (one of my friend Sherm's favorite chains)

Lulu needs to get out for a potty break. Lulu belongs to my sister-in-law (my brother's widow) whose second husband has just had knee surgery so Mom is doggy sitting.

After lunch we head back home taking the back roads through the Delta.

~end May 2, 2009

May 23, 2009 - Another trip to the Tracy Farmers Market:

Cherrys have started

Kettle Korn

Last day for asparagus

~end May 23, 2009


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