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2009 March 22 - Harry's Breakfast

2009 March 22 - Harry's Breakfast (Sacramento)

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Now Miles and I met back in 1961 when we were both Freshman at the University of California School of Engineering. We had the same Chem 1b lab. Miles was commuting to Berkeley from El Cerrito which meant he had a car {was not exactly a sports car or late model car} that we used to pile into whenever we wanted to get into trouble somewhere. Anyway we had lost touch for about 45 years when we met in a Wallymart parking lot recently.

Freeman and I went to the same high school and later worked together for 25 years. Miles wife Ora had worked with Freeman 40 years ago before she even met Miles. And Miles and Freeman were in the same Army Reserve unit in the 1960's. Neither Miles or Freeman knew that I knew both of them until a month ago.

This morning we were to meet at the Consumnes River Preserve visitor's parking lot and travel to the Market Club in Sacramento for a Sunday breakfast.

Meantime Freeman's wife Doris wished to do other things in Sacramento after breakfast so they were to meet us at the Market Club.

I was to meet Miles and Ora at the parking lot since Miles was not able to locate the Market Club when he was visiting his daughter last month. So I was to be his navigator. I really don't know why, since even my motorcycle riding buddy Cranky managed to get there on his own. :-)

Approaching the Consumnes River Preserve

Oh NO. The parking lot has the gates locked.
Must be a State of California budget cut

So we decide to travel to Elk Grove and park my car in one of the strip malls near I-5.

As we are nearing our freeway exit my cell phone rings. It is Freeman who then tells me that the Market Club is closed for vacation until March 24th. We decide to meet him there so Miles will be able to get to the Market Club the next time. I tell Freeman that we can go to Harry's Café for breakfast.

Ora and Miles parking across the street from Harry's

Freeman parks behind us

Ora, Freeman and Doris in our jury-rigged table for 5

Miles reading the menu

That's me at the end of the table

The number 40. breakfast from another table

My fried rice with diced Chinese sausage and two eggs

Ora's French Toast

Doris' waffle, eggs and sausage

Miles has the Hawaiian #1, which is linguica fried with onions, green onions and slivered carrots and two slices of Spam with two eggs over steamed white rice

Freeman has the same as mine except with diced Chinese roast pork instead of the Chinese sausage

Here is Harry

Leaving Harry's after eating

Ora has to go to work so Miles, Ora and I say our good byes to Freeman and Doris. {Ora works Sunday afternoons in Lodi} We head back south on I-5 to Elk Grove where my car is parked.

At Elk Grove I fill up my gas tank and continue south on I-5 to home.
We will do this again since it has been many years since this group has gotten together.
It was fun to reminisce about the old days.

One of the many dairies in San Joaquin County along I-5


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