Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Jan 01 - New Year's Day

2010 Jan 01 - New Year's Day

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New Year's Day when I was growing up was a big deal. All of the men would go from home to home to have a bite to eat and a drink for the New Year. All homes were within a very small geographic area then. The women would spend a day or two before New Years preparing a lot of food.

Those days are long gone, but mom still prepares some of the traditional dishes for the New Year. And only a couple of our friends families come over.

The snacks

Setting up the dining room table

All of the food is now on the table

No sashimi (raw fish) this year

Shannon S, mom and Laura

Laura S and Steve S and Shannon S

The T's kids and wife and girl friend

Steven, Sidney, Tyler and Sally

Sidney, Tyler, Sally, Rina and Bradley

Sitting in the great room after lunch

That's Laura's sofa they are sitting on

My birthday cake

Checking on scores on the iPhone

Sally tries on Laura S.'s hat

"I think I lost that game"

Cutting the birthday cake

Eating the cake

More eating

And still more

Finished eating the cake

The relative newlyweds. Just married in September.

The old guys watching the Rose Bowl Game


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