Friday, September 4, 2009

2009 Sep 4 - Apple Ridge Farms (Apple Hill)

2009 Sep 4 - Apple Ridge Farms (Apple Hill) - Camino, CA 95709

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Today is the Grand Opening of the Apple Ridge Farms. In previous years it was Plubell's Family Orchard. The owners and operators of Kandi's Pies and Pastries have purchased the property and will be operating it during the Apple Hill season.

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The address is 1800 Larsen Drive, Camino, CA 95709. The stop sign is on Larsen Drive at Cable Road.

This photo was taken from the middle of Cable Road looking back at Larsen Drive

This is from just inside the entrance. The Gift Shop is off to the right and the Bakery and BBQ House are hidden behind the port-a-potties on the left.

Steve was blocking the entrance way talking to someone in a car. He volunteered to show us the way to the Handicap Parking spaces. Here Steve is talking to his daughter's boy friend.
Mom getting out of the car

We take a short cut through the tables designated for use for customers of the BBQ House straight to the Pie Shop.

Kandi sees mom and gives her a great big hug. Then she gets mom a bottle of water.
Kandi asking mom if she wants something to drink

Pie Shop Menu

You can see right into the bake shop

BBQ House Menu

We decide to have the tri-tip sandwich for lunch before buying a pie and other items.
Before putting on some BBQ sauce

Mom trying to get her mouth around the sandwich

A close up of the tables reserved for the BBQ and Pie Shop customers

Further down the road closer to the entrance is their Gift Shop.

Daughter appears to be in charge of the Gift Shop

A bit further away from Larsen Drive is a Petting Zoo.

The side of the Gift Shop and the Face Painting booth. This photo was taken from near the BBQ House.

In addition there are picnic tables set up on the grass for you to use if you brought your own food. It is next to the parking lot.
Picnic tables shot from the parking lot looking back toward Larsen Drive

So after lunch and buying the pie, turn overs, scones and donuts we head back home.

Since my sister does not like apple pie we buy a peach pie. I take my 1/3 home along with 4 donuts. Mom kept all of the apple turnovers and apple scones that she bought.
I kind of messed up the pie taking my portion

Apple donut and apple cinnamon donut

The fruit pies are wonderful. You can taste the fruit. Not overly sweet, yet not tart.
The crust is substantial versus flaky. Kind of cobbler like but not nearly as thick.

If you are passing anywhere near Camino I would suggest that you take a short respite and have a piece of pie and coffee at Apple Ridge Farms.

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  1. Excellent as usual, Don. I'm hungry

  2. This could be a destination for our Apple Hill Ride,, tks for posting

  3. they might want to correct the spelling of "caramel" on their sign...the way it is spelled right now, Carmel, is like the town by Monterey...just thought I'd mention it