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2009 Aug 23 - Las at Market Club

2009 Aug 23 - Las at Market Club (Sacramento, CA)

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Las was getting bored in Carson City. She had sold her motorcycle. So she set up this breakfast at the Market Club. She had somehow missed all of our previous trips to the Market Club.

Stan, Yvonne (Mrs Pdub) and Phil

Phil, Pdub and Yvonne with Pdub's wee-strom and my Moto Guzzi Nevada

Las walks over from her pick um up truck

It has been a while since Las has shown up on this side of the mountains

We wander in to the restaurant and get seated. As the others are deciding what to order, I take a few food photos of other tables. :-)

The Hamburger Royale over rice

Homemade corn beef hash and eggs over rice

Now this is the Market Club, but Las, Pdub, Yvonne and Stan do not order Market Club fare.
Las has the link sausage and eggs. Pdub has bacon and eggs. Yvonne has steak and eggs. And Stan has a short stack and scrambled eggs. At least Phil has an omelet with fried rice (a dollar extra). You can only get fried rice on Sundays.
Las holding her links

Yvonne sent her steak back since it was over cooked. The second steak was medium-rare, as ordered, and very tasty.

Now I have one of the Sunday Specials, the fried rice with one egg over easy. I have already smashed the egg into the rice. :-)

So anyway I have to go to a neighboring table to get photos.
Now this is the Market Club. Fried wienies and eggs over rice.

And the wife has the fried baloney and eggs over rice. Both with raisin bread toast (extra charge)

We split up after breakfast and head our separate ways.


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