Sunday, October 25, 2009

2009 Oct 25 - Rivers Edge

2009 Oct 25 - Rivers Edge (Isleton, CA)

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Today is our last meal at the Rivers Edge Cafe in Isleton for quite awhile. They are not even open for business. They closed at the end of July to repair the roof and will not reopen in the foreseeable future. Clay has taken a position with the Federal Government and they will be headed to Maryland this coming week.

Lily {who calls my mother "Mom"} has invited us over for lunch with them. The Rivers Edge has been my parents Thursday brunch spot for a few years. A tradition that mom and I continued after the passing of my dad in August of 2007.
Sister Laura putting a Jade pendant on Lil with Clay and mom standing by

Clay's brother Lee showing us the route from Isleton to Maryland

The restaurant is their "kitchen" and "dining room" and "Mahjong parlor". The home is attached to and behind and above the store.
Laura taking the chili out to the table

Lil dishing up her chili

Sitting down to eat

Different toppings

Lil eats very little and only has a glass of water

Mom taking some cuttings

Mom also gets a China dog

Heading out

I "stole" this photo from Jim "Skid" Robinson's Blog. He took it at my dad's 93rd birthday party which was held at the Rivers Edge in July of 2006.


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